One month to clutter-free nirvana [Infographic]


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Despite our best efforts to keep an organized home, sometimes our stuff seems to multiply out of control. We’re not talking “Hoarders” here, but we all build up clutter — like weeds spreading from room to room.

Before you throw your hands up in defeat — or worse, dispose of all your belongings just to recover your sanity — check out this comprehensive infographic from Terrys Fabrics for a room-by-room guide to conquering your clutter.

In it you’ll learn:

  • Different types of clutter — yes, there are various categories — including aspirational and sentimental;
  • How to decide whether to chuck or save the various items; and
  • How to tackle each room week by week.


There’s a reason why the infographic gives you a full month to tackle this task. It took more than a day to accumulate the clutter, so no one expects you to rid your homes and lives of it in 24 hours. Take it slow, be decisive about what stays and what goes, and then enjoy your clutter-free existence.

Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics
Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics.