Online produce converter saves us from kitchen calculations


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We hate it when recipes have the audacity to ask for, say, kernels from five ears of corn when clearly they should know we have frozen corn in the freezer and are too poor to unnecessarily buy more food. How are we supposed to know how much frozen corn to use?

Google provided us with the answer to this question in the form of HowMuchIsIn.com, an online produce converter created for situations like this. Your guacamole recipe asks for “one lime, juiced” but you want to use the handy bottle of lime juice in the fridge? The produce converter explains that one lime contains about 2 tablespoons of juice, so voila!

And if mathematical calculations give you panic attacks — we personally overuse the iPhone calculator in the kitchen — HowMuchIsIn.com provides a custom conversion calculator for when you want to do a reverse conversion, like “How many ears of corn will I need if the recipe calls for 2 cups of kernels?” Input the number of cups, tablespoons, ounces, etc., required in the recipe into the conversion calculator, and it will calculate how much fresh produce you’ll need.

You can also get the Produce Converter on your iPhone and Android for $0.99.