Online tool lets you instantly compare nutrition values of any two foods


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You’re at a lovely Italian restaurant with your friend and trying to determine which dish is going to cost you a longer workout. Fettuccine alfredo or spaghetti and meatballs?

Grab your smartphone and visit TwoFoods.com. All you gotta do is type “fettuccine alfredo” in one search box and “spaghetti and meatballs” in the other. The calories, carbs, fat and protein instantly pop up for the generic versions of the dishes. If you’d rather view the nutrition info for Olive Garden’s fettucine alfredo or Old Spaghetti Factory’s spaghetti, you’re offered those options as well.


It’s not a perfect system. Type in “Greek salad” and “Cobb salad,” for example, and you’ll get 222 calories and 1,753 calories, respectively. But if you look below the generic Cobb info, you’ll see that Wawa’s Cobb contains only 290 calories, and the highest of the four restaurant listings is 728 calories from Red Robin.


The database also includes packaged foods. Compare two brands of hummus or two brands of granola bars to find out which better suits your diet.

Though it has its faults, it still offers you enough info to make an educated guess about the nutrition values of your dish. And the fact that it’s such a quick process makes it a convenient tool to keep bookmarked in your phone.