Organize your closet with these 5 spring-cleaning hacks


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Spring is a time to take a good hard look at our homes and find ways to make them more comfortable and organized. You might as well start by tackling the big projects — like your crazy, cluttered closet. Overhaul your storage space with these five clever tricks from Veria.com.


1. Get rid of bulky hangers

Maximize your space with thinner velvet hangers!


2. Stack instead of rack

Those little tabs on your soda or seltzer cans can help you make use of your closet space vertically instead of horizontally.


3. Organize your scarves

Assemble a row of shower-curtain rings on a single hanger and you have your own DIY scarf rack!


4. The 3 B's

Fill your boxes, baskets and bins with all “the stuff” you can never find space for. Fill them, stack them, use them!


5. Put your jewelry on ice.

Ice trays, to be exact! These long compartmentalized trays are a secret storage gem full of tiny boxes to separate all your pieces.