The 25 best fitness blogs of 2013


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Bloggers are some of the most influential people online. It's important to find ones that are not only entertaining but also actually know what they're talking about. While we reflect on a year come and gone, and on the new year ahead, we'd like to recognize the top 25 blogs we either started following throughout the year or fell deeper in love with in 2013.

1. ACE Fitness Blogs

The American Council on Exercise has three blogs that hold a wealth of expert information on the topic of fitness. Visit their Ask the Expert blog to read what other people are asking, or ask an ACE pro your own question. Their Fit Life blog discusses the latest fitness classes and trends and science-based exercises.


2. Amplify

Chris Narbone writes about technology trends and how they relate to running for Amplify. Read reviews on fitness apps, wearable technology, high-tech running shoes and apparel, plus other tech-driven fitness advice.


3. AnyTime Fitness Blog

AnyTime Fitness' blog is great for fitness newbies looking to get healtheir without overdoing it. It includes fitness basics, success stories by real people, and overall healthy eating tips to keep you on track.


4. Art of Manliness

Written by Brett and Kate McKay and a few other contributors, the Art of Manliness does its best to offer the manliest workouts and fitness tips for guys in their Health & Sports section, including "How to Tackle Like a Pro" and "Get Fit Like a Wild Man." In a sea of manscaped content on the Web, it’s refreshing to read the Art of Manliness. It’ll put some hair on your chest.


5. Blogilates

Cassey Ho is a super bubbly fitness and Pilates instructor and creator of POP Pilates. Her blog reflects her spunky nature, which is enough motivation to get off the couch and work out. Cassey continues to grow in popularity, and who could argue? Blogilates features great workout clips, monthly workout calendars, meal plans and of course, lots and lots of inspiration!


6. Camping Out in America

Greatist writer Laura Schwecherl blogs about her adventures in running, hiking, travelling and other musings on life in and outside of Brooklyn. Camping out in America will inspire you to get outside and have an adventure of your own!


7. The Daily HIIT

Get at-home workouts, including tabata and interval training, for any part of your body. A variety of contributors add richness to The Daily HIIT, which also has separate men and women sections, as well as a pregnancy and motherhood section focusing on a healthy lifestyle.


8. Fit Bottomed Girls

The writers of Fit Bottomed Girls have definitely picked up more steam from last year when we featured them in last year’s Best Of list. In addition to reviews for workout DVDs and new products, they offer personal accounts of their exercise endeavors, tidbits on healthy food, workout music suggestions and playlists, and even some fitness humor. We love the Motivation section!


9. The Glowing Edge

The Glowing Edge offers a glimpse into the life of not-so-ordinary mom Lisa Creech Bledsoe. She's a competitive boxer and professional writer who blogs about her experience in the boxing ring, her family, pets and even music (her husband is in a band).


10. Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit

Weight loss shouldn’t be taken so seriously all the time and Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit helps to keep things in perspective. With a series of funny entries consisting of photos, videos, song lyrics and even poetry, Jack manages to inspire, uplift and motivate us all — no matter your size or fitness level — and he does it in an intelligent way. Still one of our favorites!


11. Jason Ferruggia Blog

With more than 18 years in the fitness industry and training more than 700 clients, Jason Ferruggia knows what he's talking about when it comes to fitness. He is also chief training adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine and on the advisory board for Livestrong. If you're set on strength training and losing weight, this blog can help you get results.


12. Knocked Up Fitness Blog

Fitness-infused Pilates expert Erica Ziel’s Knocked Up Fitness blog reaches “the busy, modern mom” with information on how to stay fit while they are pregnant and how to stay fit once Baby is born. Read up on real-mom blog entries about expecting mothers' progress and experiences while pregnant, as well as specific workouts tailored for moms-to-be and how to shed the baby weight post-natal.


13. Mentality WOD

This blog by coach Dawn Fletcher is about the mental aspect of fitness with a special focus on CrossFit. Mentality WOD also touches upon the four major components that impact your mentality — sleep, nutrition, relationships and life-balance — for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.


14. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is run by self-proclaimed nerd and fitness fanatic Steve Kamb. Using lots of nerdy references (e.g., The Star Wars Workout: Jedi Training 101) in his well thought-out, in-depth posts on fitness, healthy eating, body image and motivation, Steve aims to help “desk jockeys, nerds and average Joes level up their lives.”


15. No Meat Athlete

Switching to vegetarianism when you’re an endurance athlete can be tough. No Meat Athlete, founded in 2009 by Matt Frazier, can help. You’ll learn how to make the plant-based lifestyle switch with great, easy-to-follow recipes and how-to articles on fueling correctly for your next workout.


16. Om Gal

Rebecca Pacheco is an international yoga teacher who writes about yoga, meditation, spirtuality, fitness and food in her blog, Om Gal. Her life lessons are invaluable!


17. PowerCakes

Kasey is a certified personal trainer who blogs about fitness and food, and offers a bunch of giveaways. PowerCakes is definitely worth checking out.


18. Q by Equinox

Equinox gym’s blog is full of useful info on fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. You’ll find an assortment of workouts — like their 16-week strength-training program for people prepping for a marathon — an Ask the Expert section, and videos galore. We love the Regeneration section, which covers sleep, recovery and health.


19. Running on Real Food

Deryn Macey’s upbeat blog, Running on Real Food, happily meshes fitness tips and workouts (she was a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach) with healthy, vegan recipes and other ponderings of living a healthy lifestyle. A fun read!


20. Running is Funny

If you’re looking for a serious read on the sport of running, don’t visit Running is Funny. This blog’s main purpose is to shed light on the silly side of running and pay homage to the wacky races across the world and to the people who run them (like the man who ran a 100-mile race in homemade flip flops).


21. Sarah Stanley Inspired

Sarah Stanley is a formally sponsored endurance athlete and ultramarathon runner who blogs about fitness, faith, food and kids. Each Friday, she answers one of her reader's questions. Submit your own question and receive a gift in the mail!


22. Ski Diva

Die-hard skier Wendy Clinch started this blog as a way for women to connect, learn about and share their love of skiing — and that’s exactly what Ski Diva is all about. You could even snag some free gear from one of her giveaways.


23. Will Run for Margaritas

Melody is a self-described “running lover and fitness fanatic with a margarita problem” who blogs about her running experiences and all things fitness. She gets even more "blog cred" being a running coach and personal trainer, among other things.


24. Workout Mommy

It’s all in the name: Workout Mommy is a blog about fitness and health for moms by a personal trainer and mom named Lisa. Her latest posts are about beach workouts, the importance of patience and ways to combat emotional eating.


25. The Y Factor

Written from "a man's view from the mat,” The Y Factor shares practical yoga tips for guys. Yoga teacher Neal Pollack covers everything from farting and erections to “old man yoga.”

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