Pair these superfoods for some major health benefits


Spinach salad

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Spinach salad with strawberries

Good health and nutrition are just as much about being strategic with the foods that you consume as much as it is about choosing the right ones.

By combining certain superfoods — those foods with numerous nutritional benefits — your body profits even more than healthy eating alone. Those health benefits range from an extra boost to the immune system or lowering your risk of cancer, to giving you better skin. We've rounded up a bunch of superfoods that, when consumed together, pack a mighty punch:


For more energy

Combine iron and Vitamin C: Iron helps oxygen circulate throughout your body, while Vitamin C, which is known as a fighter of diseases, makes it easier for your cells to absorb iron, according to Woman's Day. We suggest pairing a glass or orange juice with a fortified cereal or an omelet with salsa for breakfast, or a spinach salad with orange or strawberry slices for lunch and pasta with fresh tomatoes for dinner.


For better heart protection

Combine fish and garlic: Oily fish, such as salmon or sardines, contain good fats that lower risk of heart disease. Partner a filet with some garlic, which lowers total cholesterol and prevents an increase in bad cholesterol.


For boosting one's mood

Combine magnesium and B6: Magnesium is a mineral that is linked to lowered anxiety and happiness, while B6 helps the body better absorb magnesium, says Rodale News. We suggest combining beet greens and chickpeas, which contain magnesium and B6, respectively, to turn your frown upsidedown.


For fewer tummy problems

Combine prebiotics and probiotics: Consuming good bacteria in a probiotic, such as yogurt, helps boost the immune defenses in your digestive system, according to Family Circle. Likewise, prebiotics, found in the inulin in bananas, pair well with probiotics to knock out stomachaches.


For better vision

Combine lutein and Vitamin A with good fats: Lutein and Vitamin A are linked to better vision, while good fats help the body better absorb those nutrients. We suggest pairing avocado and spinach to sharpen those eyes.


For lower risk of cancer

Pair your grilled steak with a cruciferous vegetable: For years, grilled steak has been linked to carcinogens. Including broccoli, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts with your Delmonico helps flush those carcinogens out of the body.