Personal care products we’re most thankful for


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we decided to compile a little list of personal care products that we're most thankful for: five each for guys and gals. Trust us: There are plenty more we could list, but you’d be reading this until Thanksgiving. If we missed your favorite lotion, gel, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc., please sound off below!


What: Clinique 3-step skin care routine
Why: The simple 3-step process of Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize is easy on your skin, memory and wallet. Apply twice a day in the morning and before bed. If you feel your skin’s a bit too dry, switch off to just once a day.

What: Dove Ultimate GoFresh antiperspirant deodorant
Why: Let’s face it, ladies: We can sweat pretty good sometimes. Dove’s deodorant works very well at keeping you dry and smelling good. And it’s sensitive on those sensitive underarms. (Our fave is the Cool Essentials cucumber and green tea scent.)

What: Atopalm Moisturizing Cream
Why: Our Eats editor swears by this stuff. “I suffer from severely dry skin, especially in the winter, and I haven’t had a problem since I started using this a year ago,” she says.

What: Nivea soothing lip care
Why: Our lips are the first to feel the effects of the changing seasons. And did you know that cracked lips can actually be gateways for infection? (Check out more on that here). So taking care of your lips is uber important. We love the silky smoothness we get from Nivea’s A Kiss of Milk and Honey Soothing Lip Care. The other varieties add a hint of other flavors and some subtle touches of color to gloss up your look.

What: Schick Quattro for Women disposable razors
Why: While it’s fiscally prudent to have a reusable razor hanging around your bathroom, disposable razors are great for having with you in case of shaving emergencies. Throw them in a bag for traveling or keep them around for a quick trim when needed. We like the feel we get from Shick’s Quattro line.


What: Burberry cologne
Why: It’s definitely no Sex Panther, but the subtle, natural smell of Burberry cologne doesn’t overpower the nostrils. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you really can’t go wrong. 60% of the time, it works every time.

What: Old Spice deodorant
Why: Because pit stains are embarrassing. Old Spice smells good and will last all day — something that’s much appreciated by anyone around you. The classic scents don’t overpower and work well with other scents you might be throwing on.

What: Philips Norelco trimmers
Why: The G370 multigroom grooming kit in particular is easy on the wallet and comes with tons of attachments, including several options for beards, a moustache trimmer and even nose, ear and eyebrow trimmers. It’s an all-in-one that’ll keep you looking groomed and well kempt.

What: Art of Shaving
Why: The Art of Shaving (a Procter & Gamble brand) has literally everything you would need for shaving. Some of the stock’s a bit pricey, but consider it an investment. They even offer straight blades for purchase. We’d love to see some old-school barber shop action. Just don’t turn into Sweeney Todd, please.

What: Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase face wash
Why: It’s important to take care of those adorable faces. While you could just use the bar soap you’ve been using in the shower, a wash specifically formulated for your face often is the better choice. Esquire magazine’s Rodney Cutler recommends the Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase HydraBalance foaming cleanser. Try it out for yourself.