Photographer captures an athlete's journey from ordinary to extraordinary


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Max Riché — a commercial photographer specializing in action, sports and outdoors — has created amazing works of art using movement deconstruction to showcase the transition from an ordinary person to an extraordinary athlete.

This behind-the-scenes video of the making of Riché’s award-winning series, “Becoming an Athlete” — where he sets out to "show the journey it takes for an athlete to reach the highest levels of performance and eventually be selected for the Olympics" — showcases athletes in the areas of basketball, modern pentathlon, fencing and diving. The shots are breathtaking:

Becoming an Athlete - Behind the Scenes from Max Riché on Vimeo.


In summer 2013, Riché and trial-biker Petr Kraus choreographed a sequence of tricks and jumps for Red Bull, so Riché could capture Kraus evolving from layman, in street clothes, to an athlete at the top of his game in one simple, beautiful image.

Riché shoots each sequence of movement separately using a combination of continuous light and strobe light at the same time for that cool trail effect, and then digitally stitches them together in post-production to recreate the sequence on one photo.

Here are some photos of Riche and Kraus capturing the right shot at dusk on a Frankfurt rooftop this past summer. Photos by Red Bull.