New site fights back against 'Pinterest stress,' promotes healthier self-image


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Life may seem better on the other side of the fence, in the movies and on the Internet, but deep down inside we know it's not true. Sometimes dwelling too much on those things can warp our minds and make us believe our homes, food and bodies are not good enough.

According to a survey conducted by Today Moms, 42% of 7,000 U.S. mothers say they suffer from "Pinterest stress" — anxiety that they can't live up to the ideals suggested by images of domestic perfection posted on the site. Planet Fitness is battling back with a social media relief effort called "No Pintimidation.”

Stressed-out Pinterest users can visit Nopintimidation.com to upload a perfect photo they saw on Pinterest — whether it's a living room, recipe, workout or "perfect" celebrity cover shot — and “de-pintimidate” it by adding embellishments like cats, unicorns or phrases that call out the perfection. Once you’re done, upload it back onto Pinterest and share the imperfections with the rest of the world.

"Planet Fitness is the proud home of the Judgement Free Zone, and we believe in No Gymtimidation and no intimidation," said Jamie Medeiros, VP marketing at Planet Fitness. "That philosophy doesn't just live within the walls of our clubs, but everywhere we are, including Pinterest. We thought this was a great way to encourage everyone to de-stress the Web and have a little fun at the same time."