Play Bubble Soccer in an inflatable ball for hilarious results


People playing Bubble soccer

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What are you going to do now that the World Cup is over? What about playing a game with friends that has a bit of bounce to it?

Ok, a lot of bounce.

Bubble Football (known as soccer in our neck of the woods) has been played in the U.K. since 2011 and is now springing up in America.

It's played like regular soccer but is definitely more causal, making it perfect for after-work beer leagues or with your kids on the weekend. A full-contact games consists of 14 bubble suit-clad players (seven on each team) bouncing into each other as they fight for possession of the soccer ball.

Running in the bubble suit is a workout so you better be ready to sweat. In fact, the better shape you're in, the longer you'll be able to play, and your chances of winning increase. Since you will be getting knocked down to the ground often, getting back up is half the battle. That makes Bubble Soccer a fun game to play with friends and a great cardio and core body workout, too!

Even if you're not playing (why aren't you?!), just being a spectator is fun. Check out this hilarious demonstration of Bubble Soccer in action:


Play ball! 

There's nothing more freeing than running straight at your friend and knocking them over, while wearing a bubble suit. Just think, this could be the next big backyard BBQ game since ladder golf.

New York City-based startup BubbleBall Inc. is offering the chance to smash into your opponents while wearing giant plastic orbs for $40 per game at Chelsea Piers. Here’s how to sign up.

“It looked like an absolute blast; I was dying to try it. After shattering my elbow in college in traditional soccer, I also felt comfort knowing I could be protected in a bubble. I thought, ‘What parent wouldn’t also want their kids protected like this?’ ” said BubbleBall Inc. founder and CEO Mahdad Taheri, in a release.

Each Bubble Ball has two handles and straps for stability and control while you’re in the heat of battle. The straps come in handy when you’re flipped onto your back so you know you’ll be secure.

BubbleBall Inc. originally targeted college students, but has been swarmed with interest from youth groups and summer camps, to the military and fitness centers looking for new workouts. Birthdays, bachelor parties and company outings are also great occasions to play.

“[It] has incredibly broad appeal, and everyone who sees it in action wants to play. The beauty of BubbleBall is that anyone can,” Taheri explained.

Ways to play in an orb

According to BubbleBall Inc., you can play the following games inside a bubble:

Bubble Baseball: A fun variation of kickball. Players kick the ball and try to make it around the bases. Catching team players must first touch the ball before they are allowed to move and then run to knock down the runners before they get to each base.

Sumo Smash: This is a straightforward game where two players must enter into a ring with their BubbleBalls. Players try to force the other party out of the ring.

Royal Rumble: Similar to WWE, players will enter the ring at every interval to battle out for the last man standing to win the crown title.

Dog & Bone: Players will have to try means and ways to get ‘the bone.’ A battle between two teams, each member will be assigned a code or number. Once the code or number is called out, the players try to secure the bone zone. But watch out, the rivals will be pushing their way through as well. The team with the most dogs in the zone wins the battle!

We encourage you to go outside the, er, bubble and think of your own inflatable activity. How about jumping on a trampoline in a bubble suit? Or, let's get even crazier and play Bubble roller derby, Bubble ice hockey or Bubble bike riding. The possibilities are endless!