Pop! Pop! 4 awesome things you can do with bubble wrap


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Reprinted from BrightNest.com

People have enjoyed popping bubbles — and protecting packages — since bubble wrap was invented in the 1950s, but there are more awesome uses for this plastic. Try these four tricks:


Insulate grocery bags

Reusable bags are great if you’re grabbing some veggies and a pack of eggs. Add anything frozen to that list, however, and you could end up with spoiled food and a wet bag. Solve this problem by lining your reusable bag with bubble wrap the next time you’re grabbing something from the freezer or cooler section. The wrap will insulate the food, keep it chilled in transit and prevent a wet bag.


Stop sweaty toilets

Toilets sweat, too! And this sweating can create puddles on your bathroom floor, causing ruined plywood and stained baseboards. Bad news! If your porcelain throne has a condensation problem, line the inside of the tank with bubble wrap. The wrap will trap the moisture and keep your toilet sweat-free.


Prevent drafts

Do you have a window in your home leaking cold (or hot) air? Neutralize the temperature by insulating the window with bubble wrap! Sure, it’s not a pretty fix — but it works! Cover your window with bubble wrap and tape the edges down with gaffer tape. Cold air will stay out, and warm air will stay in. Note: Bubble wrap isn’t exactly see-through, so only do this to a window you aren’t expecting to use, like one in your basement or attic.


Pad your fridge

Bruised apples may not be bad for you, but they don’t look very appetizing. Keep your favorite fruits bruise-free by lining the produce drawer in your refrigerator with bubble wrap. Your apples, pears and apricots will hit the soft wrap instead of the plastic or steel edge of the drawer and stay picture perfect (and delicious-looking).


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