Powering down for Earth Hour


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What will you be doing at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31? If the answer is turning off the power, then you will be one of the millions of people around the world observing Earth Hour.

The World Wildlife Fund’s Australia division created Earth Hour in 2007 when they asked people and businesses in Sydney to turn off their power for one hour to show their support for climate change action. In 2011, hundreds of millions of people across 135 countries participated in Earth Hour.

This year, Earth Hour is hoping to draw even more attention to the issue of climate change with its “I will if you will” campaign. Would you shave your head or get a tattoo if a lot of people committed to doing something good for the environment? Sounds extreme, but these are some of the things people have pledged to do through the campaign. To make your pledge, and see others, click here.

Of course, helping the planet doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your hair or skin. Earth Hour offers lots of ways for you and your community to get involved. Click here for some how-to guides.

And Earth Hour isn’t just for adults. Encourage the kids you know to get involved by participating in Pocoyo’s challenge. For those of us out of the children’s television loop, “Pocoyo” is an animated series from Zinkia Entertainment starring Pocoyo, a boy that is discovering the world and learning core values. As the global kids’ ambassador for Earth Hour, Zinkia has pledged to plant one tree (up to 10,000) for every person who goes online to play Pocoyo’s Recycling Game. The trees will be planted by the charity partner, Trees for the Future, whose mission for 2012 is to plant 17 million trees worldwide.

Will you be participating in Earth Hour this year? Tell us about it below.