Puma kicks get eco twist


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Long a staple for fashionable sneaker enthusiasts, the Puma Suede, has been given a modern, eco-friendly twist. The company has unveiled the Puma Re-Suede, which features synthetic ultra suede made of 100% recycled, energy-saving polyester fibers and an outsole made of Double R Rice Rubber, which uses a rice husk filler to reduce the amount of rubber needed, helping to save on fossil fuel energy in manufacturing and agricultural resources.

The shoe’s sustainability aspects go beyond its design. Puma claims that the lightweight footwear will save 15 tons of carbon emissions for every 10,000 pairs shipped.

Puma takes its commitment to the environment even further by packaging its shoes in its eco-friendly, reusable shoebox that takes 65% less paper to make and reduces the company’s carbon emissions by 10,000 tons a year.

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