Put to the test: Club-inspired cycle class scorches calories, tones muscles


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Coupling a full-body workout with a dimly lit, black light-soaked club atmosphere, Cyc Fitness brings a little more umph to indoor cycling.

Cyc opened its doors inside David Barton Gym’s Astor Place location in New York City last year. It may be a newbie in the Soul Cycle-centric city, but with such a large following after one short year in Austin, Texas, and Madison, Wis., it's sure to capture the hearts of the city’s trendiest riders.

What to expect

Get ready for an intense 45-minute workout called the Cyc Method, which incorporates hand-weight exercises inspired by more than 20 different sports moves — like boxing, volleyball and swimming — for more than half the class, along with a butt-kicking cycling experience. Created by trainer and fitness expert Keoni Hudoba, the Cyc Method will have you jabbing, cycling and dancing on your bike, as the resistance and cadence changes to the music. The weights may feel light at first but after a few minutes of punching and lifting sprinkled throughout the entire class (phew!) I guarantee you’ll feel the burn.

Instructor report

Hudoba and the rest of the “cycologist” team are not only your instructors, they are also your DJ, lighting designer, and at times, entertainment (there’s a drum set up in front of the class). Hudoba was super motivating and hilarious at times, but he also made sure everyone was practicing good form and having a good time. If they can’t get you motivated, no one will.

Our favorite parts

The party vibe is a welcomed change of pace from my regular workout spots — especially after a grueling workday. It also helps that the New York City location is inside the beautifully designed David Barton Gym (click here for some pics). I felt like I was stepping into a party as soon as I opened the front door. It got even better when Hudoba cranked up “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue. The intense workout is more tolerable with the fun distractions.

How does it benefit the bod?

All that cycling can scorch up to 800 calories, while improving your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Because the Cyc Method incorporates weights, you’ll engage your core and tone your upper body as well.

How much per ride?

$25 in NYC; $21.50 in Austin; $19.50 in Madison.