Put your money where your mouth, er foot, is and help save the rainforest


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Save the rain forest one $18,000 flip flop at a time. Eco-friendly sandal company Chipkos has released what it claims is the most expensive flip flop at $18,000 — yes, that is a comma not a decimal point in there — a pair. The sandals get their hefty price tag because they are hand-painted by renowned Los Angeles artist David Palmer.

If you shell out the 18 Gs for these flip flops, Chipkos said it will protect 100,000 sq. ft. of endangered rain forest land. Good deal right? At $18,000 a pair, this collector’s piece is priced as the world’s most expensive flip flop.

Not ready to shell out $18,000 for sandals? Chipkos sells women’s and men’s sandals for the more reasonable price range of around $40 to $60 per pair. And purchasing a pair at those prices will lead to Chipkos protecting 100 sq. ft. of rain forest.

Visit the Chipkos website to purchase sandals. Whether you go for the $18,000 pair or something more modest is up to you. But if you DO end up buying the former, we’d love to hear about it!