Raise money for your sick pet with Animal Lover Funding


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Our pets are energetic, drooling, loving members of our family. And they can also be expensive. Especially if they get sick.

That’s why pet lovers Lindsay and Bryan Driver co-founded Animal Lover Funding. Launched in July 2013, crowd-funding website ALF allows pet parents and organizations in need to raise money for their pets' care.

"We've experienced some of the worst illnesses possible with our two dogs and spent thousands of dollars on their medical care in less than two years," said Lindsay Driver. "But, we'd rack up that debt again in a heartbeat. They're our family, and we take care of each other."

Here’s how Animal Lover Funding works:

  • Create an account and begin your campaign to raise money for your pet. This includes a number of issues and/or needs, including vet bills for sick or injured pets, abused or neglected animals, for shelters/charities related to animals, animal related research, or for animal-related products.

  • Choose a funding goal and campaign deadline.

  • Update you on the development of your campaign.

  • Funds are automatically sent to a PayPal account in ALF's name. At the end of each day, PayPal calculates the amount of all donations owed for all fundraisers — about 3% for processing and another 5% for ALF administrative costs — and sends it to the recipient's PayPal address.

  • Or, you can donate to another’s campaign.


Animal Lover Funding can be used by animal shelters, animal charities and pet-related businesses raise money online.