How happy memories can keep you going back to the gym


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Wondering what it'll take to get you to your next workout? According to a study from the University of New Hampshire, it could be as simple as thinking of a positive memory from past workout sessions.

Researchers asked about 150 students to recall either a positive or negative memory that would increase their motivation to exercise; other students were not asked to recall a motivational memory. The researchers then surveyed the students one week later to see if they reported an increase in exercise.

They found that students who remembered a positive exercise memory reported significantly higher levels of exercise than those who were not asked to recall a memory about exercise. Also, students who were asked to recall a negative exercise memory also reported exercising more than the control group, although less than the group that recalled a positive exercise memory.

To make some happy thoughts, here are some ways to create a great experience during your next workout:


Music, the great motivator

Plug in and listen to your favorite tunes — especially ones that take you back to a great moment from your past.


Buddy up

A workout buddy is proven to be not only a distraction from the sometimes grueling exercise classes, but also a wonderful way to hold each other accountable and, of course, stay motivated. And there’s always happy hour afterward — just saying.


Have fun!

If you can’t stand your CrossFit instructor, change your schedule so you get a different teacher. If you’re not happy with running, why are you still running? Point being: Do what you enjoy and you’ll come back for more.

Exercise should be fun, so join a sport in your neighborhood, coach soccer or form a walking/running group around town — whatever it takes!