crab cakes
We've rounded up our favorite foods that are delicious in patty form and promise to add some diversity to your usual traditional burger menu.
Asparagus & spring onion tart [Recipe]
This savory, light tart is the perfect celebration of spring, using the first ripe harvests of asparagus and (aptly named) spring onions.
Citrus marmalade [Recipe]
How about some spring in a jar? This delicious marmalade recipe is enhanced with grapefruit and lemons. Don't Worry Eat Happy!
Last Friday, observant Jews marked the beginning of Passover. Don't let that leftover horseradish go to waste! Here are seven recipes to put it to...
Sweet matzo granola [Recipe]
Here is a modern twist on a favorite Passover classic: matzo. This sweet granola recipe is fast, easy and makes an excellent Passover gift.
easy spring pizza recipes
If you think a piping-hot pizza is best eaten during the colder months, think again. Spring is full of amazing ingredients ripe for the picking and...
Salmon in foil
What if we told you that you can get a meal together in less than 30 minutes without using any pots or pans? These recipes all come together inside...
brownie ingredients
After my son started showing signs of celiac, I decided to try my hand at some gluten-free chocolate brownies. The main ingredient to change,...
Many who celebrate Easter do so, in part, by gathering with family and friends to share a meal. Traditional Easter meals tend to feature lamb or ham...
Braised heirloom carrots & crispy goat cheese [Recipe]
What’s better than fried cheese? Breaded, fried goat cheese! Goat cheese doesn’t melt at high temperatures, making it perfect for this recipe. The...