Recycle your bicycle


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Attention, bicycle owners: Why undo all that good eco-friendly effort by tossing your used bicycle parts in the trash? Instead, consider recycling those blown-out tires and tubes and keep your green rep intact.

Bicycle retailer Performance Bicycle has teamed up with Liberty Tire Recycling and Resource Revival to offer bicyclists a convenient way to recycle their bicycle parts. Just look for the blue container at one of the participating Performance Bicycle locations where you can drop off your used parts for recycling by Liberty Tire Recycling, which is the nation’s largest collector of used and scrap tires. Blown-out tires and tubes will be recycled into mulch for playgrounds, athletic fields, railroad ties and highway asphalt, among other uses. Used chains will be repurposed into fun and functional gifts and promotional items for cyclists by Resource Revival. All Resource Revival products are handmade in Oregon.

“We are very excited about our recycling program and our partnerships with Liberty Tire and Resource Revival for this initiative,” said David Pruitt, Performance Bicycle’s CEO. “Both organizations do some great work, and with their help, we can really make a difference environmentally by recycling and repurposing used tires, tubes and chains.”