Relieving the effects of stress with food… the healthy way!


stress eating

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Stress has several adverse effects on our bodies. One particularly damaging and sometimes sneaky one is weight gain as a result of overeating. There's a reason why after what may feel like an endless string of bad days some of us say we are ready to eat our feelings, and then do.

If you feel constantly stressed, then you can try to use food to relieve it the healthy way. According to EatingWell, certain foods — including chocolate! — can offer natural stress relief. Manage that stress and avoid an unhealthy food binge by having a square of chocolate (dark is better for you) every day. Don't trust yourself not to inhale the whole bar? Then skip it and have some oatmeal or sweet red peppers. They all contain nutrients that can help keep you calm.

Check out what EatingWell has to say:

Pair this advice with a good cardio or strength-training session and sweat your rage or frustrations away. Give stress a good swift kick in the butt and don't let it sabotage your efforts to be healthy and happy.