Repel moths with cinnamon



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Reprinted from BrightNest.com


Have moths been fluttering into your immaculate home every time you open a door this summer?

Moths may not bite, but they’re definitely pesky, and for the insect-averse, they can totally ruin a cozy evening spent reading by lamplight.

If moths are hanging out by an outside light and rushing inside whenever you open your patio or front door, cinnamon can help. The anti-microbial qualities of cinnamon oil make it a great bug repellent. Wherever the smell is strong, insects will stay away!

Fill a few cotton or mesh bags with cinnamon sticks and hang the bags outside, near the lights that are attracting the moth menace.

For a double whammy, unscrew your outdoor light while it’s cold and use an eyedropper or small brush to paint the bulb before screwing it back in. When the light turns on, the heat will spread the scent of the cinnamon oil and repel moths.

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