Researchers designing high-tech super running shoe


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Chances are you or someone you know has suffered an injury because of running. The sport of running, which makes you feel so free and alive, can also debilitate you so that you are temporarily stuck sitting on your butt waiting to heal.

Runners are always trying to improve their distance and time, and prevent injuries with such techniques as barefoot, chi running and minimalist. Now, according to Science Daily, the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia is working on the design of a new running shoe that will feature embedded electronics that will transmit your biomechanical data in real time. Can this be the miracle shoe we’ve been waiting for? Maybe.

This high-tech running shoe will be able to send you recommendations in real time to prevent injuries and improve your performance by registering your heart rate and GPS positioning. It would be like having your own trainer running beside you. All your information will be transmitted to a Micro SD card in your mobile phone, where a freeware mobile phone application will inform you in real time about your planned activity and/or performance achieved. See graphic below for a visual example:

After your run, you will be able to download your running information to an online Web portal. This Web portal will allow the generation of training plans, recommendations and the follow-up of the training improvements. It will allow you to be in contact with other runners worldwide and share, for example, running routes and footwear info.

Science Daily noted that the system integrated in the shoe has to fulfill advanced requirements — including high-precision measurements and shock resistance to shoe deformation or dampness — and has to be lightweight and, of course, comfortable.

Now … how do we get a pair?