Rise and shine with these 5 energizing morning yoga flows


yoga in bed

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Don’t you just love waking up to the sun streaming through your window, yawning delicately and stretching as bluebirds serenade you? Oh, wait — you’re not an old-timey Disney princess, are you? In that case, waking up is probably awful and involves an obnoxious alarm clock or the ever-so-soothing sounds of street traffic. Let’s not forget the approximately 1 bazillion thoughts about the day ahead racing through your head. Fun!

Don’t let stressful mornings harsh your mellow. Just as you can unwind before bed with yoga, you can prime yourself for the day ahead with it, too! Check out these amazing wake-up calls for your body and mind, and get ready to greet the day with calm and focus.


8 Energizing Yoga Moves You Can Do in Bed


Via Live Strong

Some days, simply crawling out of bed is a struggle. On those days, try this gentle routine designed by yoga teacher Sophie Jaffe. This flow has many poses in common with some bedtime yoga workouts, such as Supine Spinal Twist and Happy Baby, which work well for easing out any kinks in your body that have developed overnight. The pose that sets this apart from bedtime yoga is Fish Pose, a baby backbend that really gets the blood flowing and puts your legs to work. This flow has clear instructions and images, but it is best for those who have a good understanding of the poses involved.


20-Minute Energizing and Heart-Opening Flow

Via Yoga TX

This is basically a truncated version of a vinyasa class, with familiar sequences like Sun Salutation and Warrior 2 to Triangle. Yoga teacher Cole Chance offers clear instruction and helpful modifications throughout the practice. She ends the flow with Pigeon and Camel poses, two intense asanas that give your entire body some major love. It’s best to have a few in-studio classes under your belt before doing this flow so you can feel comfortable with the routine’s pace and progression, but there’s nothing here that’s too complicated.


Morning Yoga: Yoga to Start Your Day!

Via Yoga With Adriene

Yogi Adriene Mishler’s excellent morning flow is a master class in bodily awareness. In this sequence, you do some deep breathing and address areas like the palms of your hands and the tops of your feet before you ever get to your first Downward Dog. Mishler takes the time to gently explore the entire body while emphasizing the importance of creating and using energy throughout the practice. She also offers suggestions that allow people at various levels to modify as needed and helps you work on your core strength with an active Boat Pose and Yogi Bicycles. This is a wonderful flow for those with a good grasp of yoga who really want to focus on connecting with their bodies.


Invigorating and Energizing Wake Up Flow

Via Yoga TX

This is part of Yoga TX’s Beginner series, but it’s really best for someone with moderate yoga experience. Yoga teacher Ash Willow does a great job explaining the poses and gradually works up to asanas like Downward Dog, giving your body the chance to wake up. Some of the moves, however, such as the Twisting Lunges, can be tricky. This flow can also be a little bit hard on the knees, so make sure your yoga mat is supportive. If you do have knee issues, you might want to skip this one. A great bonus to this routine is the ab-toning boost you get from some of the core work involved in poses like Chair.


Wake Up Yoga

Via Tara Stiles

This morning flow from yogi Tara Stiles is the perfect pick for those with solid yoga experience who want more intensity in their a.m. routine. Stiles guides you through a gentle, but by no means easy, flow consisting of variations on Downward Dog, Plank and Warrior as well as a High-Low Lunge sequence. (Also, she basically tricks you into doing push-ups. Sneaky!) You’ll be swaying and finding your way into poses a great deal, which can help you hone your intuition. Stiles often encourages viewers to do what works for their bodies and suggests modifications such as hand placement, but this is not the workout for those who need a generous amount of instruction to understand and perform poses.

Check with your medical professional before beginning these or any other workouts to determine what works best for you.