Savor shower time with these 5 fantastic body washes


shower time

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For many of us, a good soak in the tub is the perfect way to de-stress, but for some, the thought of hanging out in the bath is hardly their idea of a good time. Then, there are those poor, unfortunate souls who would love nothing more than to luxuriate in a bath but don’t have access to a tub. In any case, if you’re in the strictly showers crowd, you should still be able to pamper yourself when the urge strikes. We’ve already filled you in on the wonders of Whish Body Wash, which doubles as a bubble bath, but that was just the beginning. There are many other affordable body washes out there for you to try. Stock your shower caddy with these luxurious body washes and treat your skin to some tender loving care.


1. St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash

St. Ives 

$4.49 for 24 oz. at Drugstore.com

Some days, even the thought of showering feels like work, never mind adding in any pampering extras. Luckily, this rich, creamy body wash has you covered. It exfoliates with pumice and contains sea salt and antioxidant kelp extract. It’s great for those who want a sensuous shower experience without expending a lot of effort, and the scent is clean and fresh, very beachy. It contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which some of you may not be crazy about, but for five bucks, it’s a cheap way to trick yourself into thinking you’re on vacation, even if for a moment.


2. Promise Organic Ultra Moisturizing Argan Creme Body Wash

Promise Organic 

$6.99 for 8oz. at CVS.com

Fans of eco-chic skincare are going to love this body wash, available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy. The primary ingredient of this silky body wash is organic aloe vera, which is super soothing, while argan oil and shea butter moisturize weathered skin. In addition to all of its nourishing ingredients, the amazing citrusy scent, from orange peel oil, is a phenomenal mood booster. This body wash is formulated with sodium coco sulfate, a coconut-derived alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate. Promise Organic’s eco-friendly ethos goes beyond the ingredients in its products; the company has partnered up with 1% For The Planet, so 1% of every purchase goes to The Nature Conservancy.


3. C. Booth Nourishing Body Wash

C. Booth 

$6.99 for 16 oz. at Ulta.com

This sulfate- and paraben-free body wash is great for those looking for sweetly scented body products that aren’t cloying or overwhelming. The yummy Honey Almond scent suggests the nourishing sweet almond oil contained within, along with softening glycerin and soothing honey, or you could also go for the classic Clean Vanilla Bean scent, which, in addition to sweet almond oil, contains vanilla, oatmeal and avocado extracts as well as hydrolyzed milk protein for soft, smooth skin.


4. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner 

Prices vary, Target.com

This liquid marvel is the mother of all multitaskers. It has about a bazillion uses, but my favorite way to put this soap to work is simply as a no-frills body wash. Dr. Bronner’s is committed to ethically sourcing their goods, and this soap is made from simple organic and fair trade ingredients like coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils, all of which gently cleanse. Lisa Bronner, granddaughter of the iconic Dr. Bronner himself, instructs to use this concentrated liquid sparingly: “one small squirt on a wet washcloth, applied to a wet body.” One of the best things about this wash is the variety of scents, all of which smell authentic, not cheap or perfume-y. Go for the lavender, which smells fresh and clean as opposed to cheaper synthetics which tend to smell like eau de old maid, and the tingly peppermint, the brand’s most popular scent, which will refresh you even when you’re hot and bone tired.


5. Aveeno Positively Nourishing Body Wash


$5.99 for 16 oz. at Target.com

If you’re stressed out and feeling frazzled, you need some aromatherapy, stat. Try Aveeno’s gorgeously scented Positively Nourishing range of body washes. We especially love the Calming wash, which is infused with lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang extracts, but Aveeno has several formulas to fit your needs. The Antioxidant Infused wash gets its power from vitamin E and plant extracts such as ginger root, mushroom, cucumber, peach and grapefruit. You could also try the Smoothing pomegranate rice body wash which exfoliates with walnut shell powder and rice beads. The newest addition to the Positively Nourishing line is the Purifying body wash, which contains seaweed extract and oatmeal. These do contain sodium lauryl sulfate, so if that’s not your bag, try one of the sulfate-free options on this roundup.