Say cheese! Transform your photos with Aluminyze


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If you’ve got frame fatigue — i.e., tired of your boring, old picture frames — we may have found your salvation.

Meet Aluminyze. Founded in 2011, the company transforms your pictures by skipping typical, boring photo paper and instead infusing them into a sheet of aluminum that can be displayed without a frame. Aluminyzed photos are durable, waterproof, frameless and UV-resistant.

When you’re ready to start “Aluminyzing,” you select a shape from the site’s 11 options, which include rectangles, hearts, panoramics, license plates and smartphone cases. Then you upload a photo and select a surface and finish.

Pricing ranges from $15.95 for a smartphone back panel to $249.95 for a 30-inch-by-30-inch square.

Once you receive your Aluminyzed photos, it’s time to decide how to arrange them in your home. CEO Shmuel Lokshin has three unique ideas.


Photo cluster/Montage

Choose as many photos as you want and don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and sizes. However, Lokshin does recommend keeping the finish consistent — choose matte or glossy, but don’t mix them in the cluster.



Blow up a photo to an extra-large size, cut it up into three pieces and head on over to Aluminyze. Hang them next to each other with just a tiny bit of space in between.



Choose a few photos from the same genre or the same photo in different color effects. Try going with a series of four.