Science discovers how to get served at a crowded bar


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There are countless questions we're still waiting on science to answer, but you can finally knock "how to get served at a crowded bar" off the list. 

Researchers from Germany's Bielefeld University discovered that the trick is to use two nonverbal cues: 

  1. Walk up to the bar and plop yourself directly in front of it, both shoulder facing the bar. 

  2. Make eye contact with the bartender.

It's that easy! The study, published in Frontiers of Psychology, found that flashing a money roll or waving your arms wildly doesn't fare so well, so if you're one of those people who tends to resemble an air traffic controller when trying to order a drink, settle down. Not only are you being obnoxious, but it also won't do you any good.

The team of researchers studied photos and videos of nightly pub activity to generate the results and are using these findings in an EU-funded project to create more socially intelligent robots.