See which airports have yoga rooms so you can chill before your flight



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Flying at any time of the year is pretty stressful. You have to worry about packing everything you need correctly, ensuring you don't forget your passport or ID, checking your bags in, making sure you and your carry-on luggage pass the security check and enduring on endless lines. The stress factor doubles, if not triples, during the holiday season.

In an effort to improve the customer experience by ameliorating that stress, some airports have opened dedicated yoga rooms. If the airport chaos gets to you or you're nervous about flying, simply nip into the yoga room and do some deep breathing exercises to relax or strike your fiercest warrior pose until you feel relatively calmer again.

Gaiam took a look at the airports that now provide these quiet spaces for you to shed your anxiety before having to board the plane. Among them are:

  • San Francisco International
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International
  • O'Hare International

Click here to see the complete list and the types of services they offer. Safe flying! And remember to breathe.