Send under eye bags packing with these amazing remedies


say good-bye to puffy eyes

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Tired eyes that are swollen and puffy feel awful and can seldom be camouflaged by even the best of concealers. Under-eye bags can pop up for a multitude of reasons, including bloating from excess sodium in your diet, allergies, dehydration, good old genetics and the tried-and-true life-ruiner, lack of sleep. While catching some Z's, staying hydrated and cutting back on the salt certainly helps, it's a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve for defeating these not-so-designer bags quickly and easily. Check out these excellent remedies that you can buy or make at home.



What's better than a potent serum that treats puffy eyes? How about a slim, portable package that adds a soothing, cooling eye massage to the mix.

Olay Eyes Depuffing Roller


$29.95 at CVS Pharmacy

The serum in this roller contains vitamins E and B5 as well as dill extract, which has been shown to help skin keep its elasticity, helping to prevent and diminish the sagging that occurs with under-eye bags. The real treat here is the roller, a three-ball system that massages the area to help move fluid along.


Clinique All About Eyes Serum Depuffing Eye Massage


$30 at Sephora

Coffee, beer and wine: three drinks that have become a staple of many a grownup's diet and apparently contain ingredients that can revive exhausted, puffy eyes. Clinique's serum harnesses caffeine's ability to reduce puffiness and antioxidant hops and grape seed extracts to soothe overworked eyes and protect the sensitive under eye area from environmental damage. You'll also get the nourishing benefits of moisturizing glycerin and vitamin B5.



These soothing formulas glide on for instant relief and provide long-lasting benefits.

Tony Moly Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick


$12 at Ulta

This adorable little critter actually holds a cooling eye balm that contains glacial water and sea water and treats the under-eye area with both bamboo sap and bamboo shoot extracts, giving you a double dose of antioxidants. Bamboo also has the power to soothe and hydrate. In addition to all this skin-loving goodness, you can't help but fall for the panda packaging. Cuteness overload.


Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm


$38 at Sephora

This balm is farm-fresh skin care for the modern consumer. It's packed with powerful ingredients found in nature, including healing manuka honey, moisturizing goat's milk and a botanical stem cell complex that contains white lupine protein, which helps to moisturize and repair skin. Meanwhile, light-diffusing pigments immediately put your bags under wraps so you won't look like a total zombie.


Boscia Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm


$26 at Sephora

Plant power strikes again with this eye balm, a potent blend of ingredients like soothing turmeric extract and brightening licorice extract, both of which can help diminish the appearance of dark circles, along with anti-inflammatory neem extract, antioxidant jojoba extract, soothing willowherb extract and hydrating rose and rosemary oils. These amazing ingredients join a seven-peptide complex consisting of Eyeseryl, which actually helps to prevent future under-eye bags by fighting swelling and sagging, and Matrixyl 3000, which encourages cell turnover and collagen production.


Eye masks

These puff-deflating patches and masks deliver soothing ingredients straight to your under eye area.

Skyn Iceland Hydro-Cool Firming Eye Gels


$30 at Ulta

These award-winning patches are hydrating powerhouses, with classic moisturizers olive oil and jojoba oil along with arctic cloudberry and cranberry seed oils, both of which condition skin and provide antioxidants to fight those dastardly free radicals. These patches also contain Icelandic glacial water.


Cucumber Tea DIY Eye Mask


Via Popsugar

Whipping up this mask is as easy as taking a trip to your grocery store or raiding your kitchen, and the recipe makes enough for four treatments, so it's great to use if you're having friends over for a spa day. The blend of cucumber, green tea, honey and aloe is perfect for soothing and refreshing tired eyes.


DIY Ice Cucumber Pads

Via Michelle Phan

Cucumber slices get a makeover with this super simple eye pad DIY from beauty vlogger and Ipsy founder Michelle Phan. Just soak cotton pads in cucumber juice, freeze them up and voila! You have vitamin-rich cucumber's soothing, cooling power in a preservative-free pad that you store in the freezer. Phan suggests preparing several in advance, making it easy for you to give yourself a mini treatment every day. Check out Phan's video tutorial for full instructions: