Shark-repelling wetsuits may keep you safe in the surf [Video]


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An Australian company has created a line of wetsuits designed to make you practically invisible to sharks, or at least not as appetizing.

Since vision plays a major role in a shark’s attack sequence, Shark Attack Mitigation Systems — in collaboration with the Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia — came up with a way to disrupt a shark's visual perception so that an attack can either be diverted or at least delayed to allow time to exit the water. The patterns have been scientifcally designed based on the fact that sharks perceive colors differently at various water depths. Because of this, you need to buy the correct suit based on the depth you frequently swim in.

Hold on! Before you go out and try to wrestle a Great White, remember that you are dealing with wild animals in their natural environment so it is not 100% guaranteed you won't be attacked, but SAMS says they are "confident that the likelihood of a shark attack is significantly reduced by using [their wetsuits]."

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