Shop ‘till you drop with these healthy, on-the-go snacks for Black Friday


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Right now, deal-lovers and shopaholics across America are making their lists, checking them twice and preparing to bust out their wallets at ungodly early times the day after Thanksgiving. Anything goes on Black Friday, a day that turns gift giving into a sport, often bringing out the worst in people in the process. 

If you insist on joining the crush of shoppers out this year, do it right. Bring a bag of healthy snacks — they’ll keep your energy up so you can fully assert your dominance in the Black Friday retail jungle.



Super healthy almonds are a no-brainer for any snacking list. Some of the nutrients found in almonds increase our bodies’ energy production, while others protect against heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. Grab a snack-sized bag of almonds at the grocery store, or throw a few handfuls in a Ziploc for easy on-the-go snacking in the electronics section.



High in potassium, bananas can provide a much-needed energy boost when you find yourself lagging in aisle six. In addition to lowering blood pressure, they also help improve heart, kidney and bone health — all in an easily disposable, bright yellow package!


Kale chips

Your Black Friday won’t be complete without some kale chips, a food that’s off the charts when it comes to health benefits. This ultra-healthy snack delivers the nutrients you need with the crunch you crave. Pick them up at most grocery stores, or make your own to control sodium and additives.


Energy gel

If you’re really serious about Black Friday, pack some energy gel. Available in a variety of flavors and nutrient profiles, these easily digestible gels boost energy and enhance performance. Their resealable pouches make them a perfect choice for a marathon shopping excursion — or running an actual marathon.