Sign in & check out: Shop healthy on the Web with these 5 online stores


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Consumer shops on a tablet with credit card.Finding healthy foods — and foods for special dietary needs — in your local grocery store isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are plenty of stores you can turn to online, without ever leaving your home. Simply log on and check out the choices from these five online stores.


1. TX Organics

TX Organics offers organic, grassfed Angus beef with no hormones and no antibiotics. The ranch is located in Northern California, and all the beef is USDA-certified. From ground beef to filet mignon, you can get a variety of cuts shipped straight to your home.


2. Julian Bakery

If you’re looking for low-carb options or you’ve gone full Paleo, Julian Bakery is a great option for cookies, brownies, protein bars and breads that will keep you on plan — but will help manage those cravings for something carby.


3. Eden Foods

Eden Foods started as a co-op in the 1960s and has since become an online store that sells whole grains, beans, nut butters and other foods. According to the company’s website, they buy all their foods directly from farms, getting more money into the pockets of America’s farmers. Eden Foods also sells snacks, spices, herbs and other goods.


4. Green Polka Dot Box

Green Polka Dot Box caters especially to those who are looking for organic foods but may not have access to them in their towns — or simply anyone who wants the convenience of online shopping. With a $50 membership, you can order everything from refrigerated or frozen dairy products, to meats and vegetables, to household cleaners, to baby food and pet supplies. The company prides itself on selling non-GMO foods at wholesale prices.


5. Chebe

Avoiding gluten is tough — whether for dietary or health reasons, gluten is in so many products that it’s hard to find good substitutes. Enter Chebe and its frozen doughs and dry mixes. From focaccia and cinnamon roll mix, to pizza dough and breadsticks, this company knows its breads. The husband-and-wife team started in 1999 with a Brazilian cheese bread that just happened to be naturally gluten-free, and since have expanded their product line.