Simple steps to give your lifestyle an eco-friendly makeover


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Living a greener lifestyle means that you are making choices with the well-being of the environment in mind. It means that you are aware of your impact on the environment and that you are striving to create minimal negative impact.

There is no one single way to be green; instead, eco-friendly living is a series of small actions that can snowball to encourage big changes in the world. Follow these tips to minimize your environmental impact. 



Recycling is perhaps the easiest thing you can do to be a little greener. First, assume that everything you use can be recycled — this includes paper, plastic, aluminium, electronics, batteries and bulbs. Next, you should research online to find out where to send your recyclable items. Lastly, start collecting in a clean, dry place and send your trash off to be made new again. 


Seek greener alternatives

There are greener options for the things you use every day. Your task is to seek out those eco-friendly alternatives and replace them with the conventional products. For example, toxic-free cleaners can replace those filled with unreadable chemicals, vegan footwear can replace shoes made with animal byproducts and organic food can take the place of over-processed treats.


Compost kitchen scraps

Composting kitchen scraps — such as tea bags, egg shells and the leftovers of fruits and vegetables — will create beneficial mulch that will encourage fertile soil that can aid in organic gardening and lush landscaping.


Ditch the harsh chemicals

Chemicals are everywhere. They’re in conventional cleaning products, air fresheners, body sprays and plenty of other products. Many of these chemicals contribute to air pollution, unnatural climate change and disruption of the ecosystem. Ditch them — all they do is create a toxic atmosphere for you and the rest of the planet.


Conserve energy

There are a lot of easy ways to conserve energy and lesson your carbon footprint. For example, you can upgrade all of your appliances to Energy Star products, use power strips and turn them off when you’re not using your appliances. Also, turning off the lights when not in the room is an easy way to conserve. Using solar power alternatives will also aid in your conservation efforts; you can use solar power to charge and power your devices.


Make it yourself

Making your own all-natural personal care products and cleaning products will ensure that the products you are using will not negatively impact the environment. The Web is crawling with tons of quality DIY recipes to help you get started.


Use less water

Conserving water is an important part of being green. Some ways to conserve include hand-washing dishes instead of using the dishwasher and taking showers instead of baths. Also, you should turn the water off when brushing your teeth and collect rainwater to use in gardening and landscaping.


Donate clothing and furniture

Instead of trashing your old clothing and broken furniture, donate them to local shelters. Broken furniture can be rehabbed and old clothing can be resold.


Inspire others

Spreading the message of eco-friendliness will inspire others to live green too. You can inspire your friends and community by starting an eco-blog, hanging flyers and just telling people about the perks of going green.


The environment is a fragile system. Everything we use affects it in one way or the other, so it is up to us to use products and make choices that will promote and enhance wellness. Living a greener lifestyle is one of the most rewarding and inspiring lifestyles to live. When practiced routinely, the simple tips noted above can truly make a big difference.


About Rosana Beechum: 
Mother of two and eco warrior, Rosana has been a cleaning professional and an avid supporter of the green living lifestyle for several years. When recycling, she recommends checking out Ideal Services.