Skip the gym! Save money and get fit at home


Woman working out at home

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Forget trooping to the gym in bad weather or shelling out major cash for training sessions. You can work out with some of the best trainers and supermodels without leaving your house. New subscription services and innovative online workouts are taking the fussiness out of exercise and giving you the opportunity to work out for pennies a day, or, even better, totally free. Yes, I said free. No credit card, and the only commitment required is to yourself and your fitness goals. A toned, healthy body is just a click away. Check with your doctor before beginning these or any exercises, and let’s get moving!


Svelte, sexy subscriptions

You must check out NBC’s Radius Fitness, a subscription service that offers unlimited access to seriously effective workouts with an impressive roster of master trainers that you can customize to suit your unique fitness needs. Access to Radius ranges from $9.99 a month to $89.99 for an annual subscription and, while you can make use of their 30-day trial, you can also catch Radius workouts weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the NBC Sports network. Not an early bird? Set your DVR. Radius has a diverse group of encouraging trainers offering serious workouts that will leave you sore in the best way possible. I always feel good after starting my day with the Radius crew.

Wondering how Vivica A. Fox sculpts amazing arms? Work out with her trainer, Basheerah Ahmad, who knows just how to ease you into even the toughest exercises with a kind, supportive demeanor. Sports enthusiasts will love former pro soccer player Nicky Holender’s Pro Skills workout. He gets both athletes as well as fellow British hotties Robbie Williams and Mel B of the Spice Girls into shape, and his boundless energy is sure to rub off on you. Those of you who are into heavy lifting will be pumped to get fit with Alex Isaly’s Kettle Bell Blast. Isaly is all about using the bells in myriad ways for optimal results.

Be part of what Keoni Hudoba calls his tribe by doing his tough and inspiring Venom workout, a sick series of combinations that will leave you soaked in sweat. Natalie Uhling, creator of NUfit, cut her teeth at Barry’s Bootcamp and brings that same intensity to her Roundhouse and Triple Threat workouts. Her calls of “Tempo!” and mix of cardio and strength training motivate and inspire you to push past boundaries to get your body fitter than ever before.

Add even more fun and, dare I say, naughtiness, to your fitness repertoire with Cosmopolitan Magazine’s subscription fitness platform, CosmoBody, which features a wide variety of workouts, from dance cardio to yoga and interval training. Some workouts are as short as five minutes, such as the cheekily titled “$H*T, I’m late for work!” so you’ll always have time to fit some exercise into your day. CosmoBody has workouts that address real life needs. (Hangover Yoga with yogi extraordinaire Tara Stiles, anyone?) They have even come up with a series of workout challenges, so you won’t get bored. You can sign up on the site and get ten days to try out the service, which costs $9.95 a month, but you can also go to their awesome YouTube channel to watch previews and do full-length workouts.

Astrid Swan McGuire, master trainer from Barry’s Bootcamp whose clientele includes Julianne Hough and Stacy Kiebler, leads a Full-Body Cardio Burn that you will be feeling long after it’s over. Learn to Latin Dance and sculpt a hot booty with Jennifer Johnson, AKA JJ Dancer, a professional dancer who trains sexy stars such as Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Adam Rosante’s Score a Bangin’ Beach Bod is a quick, intense workout to get you set for summertime or spring break, and Don Saladino’s Ultimate Core Workout will have your abs on fire. Go to the magazine’s website for workouts with CosmoBody trainer Katia Pryce, creator of KP Dance Body who wants to bring sexy fitness to the masses. This GIF series will help you get ripped abs while standing, while this video shows you how to get in shape for, ahem, physical activity in the boudoir.


Super fit supermodels

Vogue magazine has been committed to promoting healthy models in their pages thanks to a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Health Initiative, and they are taking that commitment one step further with their excellent fitness motivation videos and gif workouts. Just try skipping your workout after watching videos of Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid and Imaan Hammam kicking serious butt. I adore Vogue’s gif workouts featuring supermodel Karlie Kloss performing exercises from ModelFIT, Justin Gelband’s workouts that help Victoria’s Secret Angels like Kloss, Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio get fit.

For even more Angel exercises, check out Victoria’s Secret’s Train Like an Angel series where Ambrosio and fellow Angels Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima show you exactly how they prep for the runway.

With all of these great workouts, who needs the gym? Try them and let us know what you think!