Skip the iron: The 2 fastest ways to de-wrinkle clothes



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Nothing’s more annoying than having an outfit in mind, then finding it clean-but-wrinkled in your dryer right before you need to be somewhere. Turns out, you don’t need an iron or fancy steamer to get wrinkle-free clothes.

Here are two (free!) ways to quickly create perfectly pressed attire.


Method #1: Ice cubes

Putting two to three ice cubes in your dryer is a laundry game-changer. As the dryer tumbles, the ice slowly melts and creates the steam you need to create wrinkle-free clothes.

You can pop in a few cubes toward the end of all your dryer cycles, or use this as a quick fix in a pinch.


Method #2: Wet Towel

Need a high-powered wrinkle reduction, ASAP? This is the go-to trick for transforming a crinkly piece of clothing into something wearable. Put the shirt (or jeans, or whatever) into the dryer with a damp towel. This will create a fast-releasing steam that’ll dewrinkle in a jiffy.

Hand towels work best — you can wet them with cool water, but don’t forget to wring out the excess moisture before popping it in the dryer.  


Remember, High Heat is Your Friend

Whatever steaming method your laundry situation requires, it’s important to set your dryer on the highest possible heat setting (Check the garment label and follow the manufacturer's instructions for heat settings). The higher the heat, the quicker steam can start doing its de-wrinkle job. 


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