Smart city bike concept could save your life — with your smartphone


Smart bike

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Electronics giant Samsung has put its smartphone know-how to the city streets — or will — with a high-tech bike concept that could very well save the lives of cyclists around the world.

Through the Samsung Maestros Academy project in Italy, which seeks to train younger generations with “the secrets of the maestros, to foster new crafts talents,” the Samsung Smart Bike was born. This innovative concept is focused on bike safety on the city streets. It blends experienced craftsmanship by Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli — a world famous frame builder — and design by Alice Biotti, a talented student of the Academy.

This bike’s got (techie) soul

According to Samsung, the Smart Bike is the first bicycle that protects the rider thanks to its safety components, controlled by a smartphone.

It comes with an innovative frame made up of curvy aluminum tubes that neutralizes the most dangerous vibrations to the human body while riding on the bumpiest city roads. Take that, potholes! But that’s not all. Within the frame holds all the smart-components (battery, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + Arduino module, four laser projectors and a digital camera), which can be controlled by a smartphone. There’s even a rear-view camera that allows riders to always watch their back, thanks to a real-time video stream via smartphone.

Wait, did we say lasers? Yup! Four built-in laser beams alert drivers that the bike is approaching by creating its own bike lane. This responsive “safety-environment” detects ambient-conditions and protects the driver in real time. How cool is that?

Another impressive feature: a GPS system that tracks your daily routes, which lets local authorities know which ones should be turned into real bike-lanes. A win-win for all!