Snack in good health with Entina


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When done right, snacking can be a great way to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding smart snacks that are also tasty, however, can be a challenge. Enter Entina, a new organic food company that offers a line of delicious — and healthy — crisps sure to satisfy those between-meal cravings.

Entina was founded by Valentina Rudokas, a health specialist who has worked extensively with professional athletes, Olympians and other individuals interested in promoting their overall well-being. And while a diet of natural and organic products was always important for her, being diagnosed with cervical and ovarian cancer in 2001 — and undergoing the subsequent treatments — made eating well all the more important.

Inspired by her desire to regain strength, Rudokas began experimenting with her own recipes and developed a line of organic, gourmet snack crackers. Varieties include caraway, cinnamon and chocolate, all made with such wholesome ingredients as sunflower seeds, flax, amaranth and rye flour. Entina is currently working on such flavors as vanilla lemon, paprika dill and ginger.

Rudokas has now been cancer-free for a decade and credits an organic, natural and preservative-free diet for her success.