Solar-powered boat nears end of global journey


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In “cool-stuff-you-never-heard-of news,” HellaWella has learned about a catamaran sailing the globe using only solar energy. Hat tip to @TreeHugger for clueing us in to this fascinating story.

The catamaran, aptly named “PlanetSolar,” began its journey on Sept. 27, 2010, from Monaco and is expected to reach the end of its journey in Monte Carlo in the spring of this year. Along the way, the ship’s crew had to make constant adjustments to its route in speed in order to fulfill their promise of only using solar energy to power the boat.

The PlanetSolar catamaran is propelled by a 5,780-sq.-ft. photovoltaic (solar) panel that powers six blocks of lithium-ion battery, making it the biggest solar-powered boat in the world.

Learn more about PlanetSolar and its incredible journey here.

While we’re guessing you’ve never attempted to sail the world in a solar-powered vessel, feel free to share how you travel green below.