Soothe your achy hips with these 5 yoga flows


stretch your hips

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Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or constantly on your feet, chances are, your hips are in need of some love.

Some exercises, particularly running, can tighten up your hips, leading to soreness that you could end up feeling for days. If you’ve ever tried to give your hips a massage, you know how difficult it is to ease this achy area. But yoga, life’s little problem solver, comes to the rescue yet again with poses specifically designed to ease tension and promote flexibility in this notoriously tense and inflexible area of the body. Check out these five flows and find some relief.


Hip Openers: Your Yoga Questions Answered!

Via: Yoga With Adriene

When it comes to hip openers, it’s best to ease into more intense poses. Yogi Adriene Mishler listened to her viewers who wanted to find some relief from tension in the hips using poses other than the typical Pigeon. These simple stretches such as Fire Log Pose and Eye of the Needle gently help open the hips. Beginners will love this simple sequence, which Mishler demonstrates quickly and encourages viewers to do at their own pace. She also encourages the use of props, so this is perfect for beginners and beyond.


Yoga Hip Opener Vinyasa Flow

Via: Yoga With Tim

Yoga teacher Tim Senesi’s hip-opening flow will gently give you the release you need while introducing you to some more challenging postures, such as a Side Plank series, Twisting Lunge and Pigeon. Senesi talks you through the poses, pinpointing areas of the body to focus on as you go through the flow so that you can safely perform each asana. This video is especially good for those who have taken some yoga classes and are establishing a home practice but need reminders of what they’ve learned in class.


Hip Opening Yoga: The Hipster Release

Via: Boho Beautiful

Yogi Juliana Semenova’s hip-opening sequence will help you find relief in a mere 10 minutes. This flow is simple, but you really need to know your body. True beginners will most likely have some trouble keeping up, but Semenova is very accommodating to a variety of fitness levels. She stresses the importance of doing these poses, particularly the split, at your own level, easing you into the pose in increments, allowing you to stop where you feel comfortable. She also offers modifications for moves such as Chaturanga via a helpful picture-in-picture feature and encourages the use of props, so grab those yoga blocks! One note: when Semenova demonstrates Log pose, she does press down on her knee at some point, which Mishler advises against. Check out Mishler’s video above for a gentler way to enter this posture.


Yoga Hip Opener

Via: BeFit

This yoga sequence designed by yogi Laurel Erilane, who happens to teach at West Hollywood’s Y7 Studio, is perfect for those looking for an active practice. This flow relies on movements such as Chaturanga, Chair and a sequence Erilane calls “Dancing Warriors,” all of which conspire to help soothe achy hips while building heat. Erilane’s instruction, particularly for Happy Baby, an intense asana that can be complicated depending on how flexible you are, is clear and will really help you understand the movements. After making sure you’re nice and warm, Erilane leads you through an amazing sequence of Lizard and Pigeon. She also allows time for a refreshing Savasana. If you’re comfortable with yoga and are looking to get a good stretch and a good workout in less than 20 minutes, try this.


Hip Opening

Via Grokker

This fantastic flow from yogi Sonia Doubell takes hip openers to a whole new level, even encouraging tiny movements in some of the poses to help get rid of tension. Doubell eases you into the practice with a gentle Frog stretch and an intense variation of Low Lunge into Dragon. Then, she challenges you to dig deeper with a sequence that takes you through several variations of Pigeon. If you’re well-versed in yoga and are fan of these poses, this video offers a great way to challenge yourself and expand your practice. Doubell does take you through sequences in steps, with variations being optional, so this flow is suitable for various levels of fitness and flexibility. Still, this may not be the workout for beginners, particularly those who are not comfortable with Lunges and Pigeon.

Remember to consult your medical professional before starting these or any other exercises to determine what works best for you, and practice safely at your own pace.