Spartan Race cofounders teach you how to unleash your inner warrior


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There’s no doubt that obstacle racing has become a phenomenon in the United States. The good ones encompass every aspect of the human spirit: competition, camaraderie, strength, speed and overcoming your fears. They’re also lots of fun.

Think you can’t participate in one? You may just need a little inspiration. Check out the new (and free!) e-book by Spartan Race cofounders Joe Desena and Andy Weinberg called “You’ll Know at the Finish Line – A Spartan Guide to the Sport of Obstacle Racing.” This thorough book is meant to inspire people of all fitness levels and athletic abilities to unleash their inner warrior.

The book is packed with detailed training strategies including, “Top 10 Tips for Conquering a Spartan Race,” inspiring personal testimonies and the official Spartan International Obstacle Race Rulebook. There are also great tips on how to get fit for a race and to stay fit for life, including “The Five Elements of Total Fitness” and the importance of “Mental Indomitability.”

“You’ll Know at the Finish Line” interestingly recounts the birth in 2004 of the Death Race that paved the way for the first Spartan Race five years later. By the end of 2011, Spartan Races attracted more than a quarter-million people, including elite, professional and amateur athletes.

Desena and Weinberg discuss how humans innately are competitive beings and that obstacle racing has been around as long as our species has walked upright. This perspective is the backdrop for today’s Spartan training philosophy: inspired by the courage and discipline of the Ancient Spartiates and dedicated to functional exercise, which requires neither equipment nor gym membership — just a body, a will and the great outdoors!

There are already 60 events planned in 2013. Visit SpartanRace.com for more information, a schedule of events or to register for a Spartan Race.

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