Sprouting interest in Whole Foods, Apple, other eco-friendly brands


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Despite countless initiatives to improve the world around us, many people believe there’s a lot yet to be done. In fact, according to the most recent ImagePower Green Brands Study, 50% of us think the environment is on the wrong track — more than in the previous two years.

Though the people that were part of the study may feel pessimistic about where the environment is headed, they still feel we can do our part, with 73% touting the importance of buying from green companies.

So, what do we buy when we buy green? According to the survey, personal care, grocery and household products top the list, while people would like to buy more green technology, retail and automotive products.

And when we shop, here are the brands we perceive to be the greenest (based on the study):

1. Seventh Generation
2. Whole Foods
3. Tom’s of Maine
4. Burt’s Bees
5. Trader Joe’s
6. The Walt Disney Co.
7. S.C. Johnson
8. Dove
9. Apple
10. Starbucks, Microsoft (tied).

Still, green products often are thought to be pricier than their less eco-friendly counterparts, and 62% of those surveyed said cost was the biggest factor preventing them from buying green products.

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