Squeeze some exercise into your day with these boredom-busting HIIT routines


Make 2016 your year

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As much as you would like to commit to working out, when life gets busy, that workout you scheduled — if you managed to schedule a workout at all — suddenly looks more like a suggestion than a must. Before you know it, two weeks have passed, and the only workout you’ve done involves running from one commitment to the next. Not this year.

High Intensity Interval Training makes the most out of every minute you exercise for optimal results in a short amount of time. Even better, you’ll be burning fat long after you’ve completed your workout. Check out these boredom-busting HIIT routines and squeeze some exercise into your schedule.


1. Sarah Fit Quiet Cardio

Sarah Fit’s 5-minute Quiet Cardio Express HIIT is the perfect low-impact option for those who want a good, metabolism-boosting workout in less than 10 minutes or live in a small space where noisier moves aren’t an option. This routine is challenging, but watching the video ahead of time will definitely help you to follow along.


2. The Body Coach HIIT Home Workout for Beginners

New to HIIT? The Body Coach’s 20-minute HIIT workout for beginners is an excellent primer. Trainer Joe Wicks is a great motivator who clearly demonstrates every move and gently reminds beginners to adjust the workout accordingly by taking longer breaks in between moves and using modifications. It’s a tough workout, but with Wicks’ encouraging style and a no-nonsense roster of simple moves, HIIT newbies will be able to catch on.


3. Tracey Mallett’s HIIT Fat Blast Training

Looking for amped-up versions of typical bodyweight exercises? Try this five-minute video from Booty Barre founder Tracey Mallett, which is great for those who are looking for a way to take classic bodyweight workouts to the next level. Clever plays on burpees, lunges and kicks give this workout its intensity and also make it a lot of fun. No, really. Again, this is one to watch before doing, and it’s not for beginners.


4. Burn to the Beat Intervals Booty Pop Cardio Dance

Bored with your typical workout? Can’t stand one more burpee or standard squat? HIIT doesn’t have to be all bodyweight exercises and standard cardio. Keaira LaShae’s Booty Pop Cardio Dance workout for BeFit is so much fun, you will forget you’re working out, until you feel your thighs burning. Get ready to twerk, bounce and booty pop your way to health. This is an intense workout, so newbies may find it a bit too challenging, but the rhythm-impaired don’t have to be scared. The moves are simple and easy to perform.


5. HIITgirl for Sweaty Betty

This 30-minute HIITgirl workout is designed to suit a variety of fitness levels, taking you through beginner, standard and advanced versions of each movement, so you can go at a pace you’re comfortable with and continue to use this workout as you get stronger. The HIITgirl style of employing compound movements and plyometric exercises ensures that you’ll be getting a quality workout, but it also means that true HIIT novices should start elsewhere and learn bodyweight and HIIT fundamentals first. Planks, squats, burpees and other typical bodyweight exercises get a fresh, fun makeover in this series. Speed is often emphasized, as is form, but proper form is of the utmost importance, as is keeping to your level. There is a very short cool-down here, but this is a tough routine, so you may want to do your own afterward.


6. Tone It Up Insane Cardio

Insane Cardio 

Tone It Up’s Insane Cardio is HIIT for advanced fitness enthusiasts. The combination of cardio and bodyweight exercises is a great way to shake up your usual routine, whether you work out at home, outdoors or at the gym. The first part, an interval cardio session, is over in no time flat, and the bodyweight section will put your strength to the test. It’s called “insane cardio” for a reason — one minute of burpees?! — but it’s a customizable routine that you can tailor to your needs. If a minute of burpees is too much, go with 30 seconds. If two rounds are too intense, start with one. Tone It Up also suggests in the comments to break up the cardio and bodyweight routines into two separate workouts throughout the day if that works better for you. This routine is presented via a printable list, so it’s best for those who already have plenty of experience with HIIT and bodyweight workouts. Also, you’ll definitely need a cool-down after you’re finished.


Talk to your doctor to make sure HIIT workouts are right for you, and then get ready for a speedy sweat session that will get you fit fast!