Start the New Year off right with these 6 super nutritious foods


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The holidays are notoriously associated with gluttony. Various arrays of sweets in the form of pies, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and fatty foods abound, along with sides like buttery mashed potatoes and carb-heavy dinner rolls. Now that the holiday overeating is behind us, let’s aim for a fresh, healthy start to the new year. Here are six foods that pack a nutritious punch.


1. Brussels sprouts

These mini cabbages often get a bad rep, but when prepared properly they can be both tasty and nutritious. The veggies provide vitamin K, which helps blood properly coagulate in the body, folate and iron, both of which aid in the formation of red blood cells. Buy them in-season through March.


2. Pumpkin

Rejoice, the Pumpkin Spice Latte hasn’t gone out of style just yet. This squash is full of potassium, fiber and B vitamins. Try shaking up the usual carb-laden snacks with these recipes, which can be made for breakfast or as a fun energy booster. You can easily find them throughout fall and winter from October to February.


3. Mushrooms

Certain mushrooms like shiitake, maitake and reishi are partially composed of beta-glucans, which are crucial to the immune system. They offer many benefits, like supplying a boost to heart health and your immune system. These compounds are not naturally found inside the body, so you have to find them in foods like barley, oats, rye and wheat. Better yet, you can also find them in the supplement Transfer Point Beta Glucan in a significantly greater dose.


4. Cauliflower

Though not quite as popular as its related veggie broccoli, cauliflower deserves more credit! This slightly sweet and nutty food is both versatile and healthy. Swap out the usual steamed version for a fresh take on “mashed potatoes” and blend them into a creamy dish. Cauliflower has compounds that may help prevent cancer, and phytonutrients could lower cholesterol. For the freshest taste, harvest these in season from September to June.


5. Parsnips

Use these root veggies blended in a soup or in a sauce as a lightening agent. Doing so will add both potassium and fiber. In season from October to April, they can be used in surprising ways. Use them for a new take on potatoes au gratin with potatoes and parsnips. It’ll also give a new flavor to an everyday dish.


6. Olive leaf

Olive leaf is packed with antioxidants, which help to defend your body’s cells against free radicals. In a study comparing 55 different herbs, olive leaf was found to have the highest “radical-scavenging activity”. Sometimes referred to as nature’s natural antibiotic, olive leaf also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.



David Hung is CEO and co-founder of Find Your Trainer. David is an experienced entrepreneur, having spent his career in tech, consumer and retail. He has a BA from Dartmouth and a JD from Yale. His passion for fitness and nutrition stems from having lost almost 50 pounds after college. David lives in New York with his wife and son.