Steer clear of these 5 workout-wrecking foods


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Reprinted from SkinnyMom.com

Getting in a workout is very important, but what you eat after is almost just as important. In fact, eating carbs after you work out is one of the times when you can truly enjoy them — without feeling guilty later. However, carb loading isn’t the way to go. Some will benefit you, while some will take away all the hard work you put in.


1. Energy bars “loaded with fiber”

These are actually loaded with over-processed sugars. While there’s less chance of it being stored as fat, it still lacks the right nutrients. These bars are empty calories, aren’t going to replenish much of anything, and the fats won’t break down easily. This snack/meal should be low in fat and fiber to speed digestion, and high in carbs and protein to provide fuel and the raw materials for muscle repair. Registered dietitian Julie Meyer recommends finding a bar with less than 15 grams of sugar per serving (ivillage). 


2. Fruit drinks

Again, the sugars in this drink will deplete the purpose of your exercise. The high-fructose corn syrup found in these drinks will actually slow down your metabolism and should be avoided. Look for sports drinks with extra electrolytes and no high-fructose corn syrup. 


3. Foods with little to no calories

Your celery sticks, carrots and raw veggies are not enough to support your body after a workout. You need to refuel your body, not put it into starvation mode, which stores your fat! I’m not saying these aren’t healthy options, but they just aren’t the best fuel options for your body post-workout. 


4. High-fat foods

You need lean proteins and healthy fats, not saturated or trans fats. Rather than grabbing a burger patty, grab a turkey sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich. But be careful not to overuse the peanut butter. 


5. Chips, pretzels and salt-laden foods

Salts will deplete your potassium levels. This mineral is also an electrolyte like sodium. While it is important to your essential body cell function, it’s not an ideal food to ingest post-sweat sesh.


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