Study finds meat-eaters ‘healthier’ than vegetarians


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We once dreamed of becoming the most beautiful ballerina in the history of dance.

The problem? We were trapped in the beautiful body of an 8-year-old who hadn’t quite lost her baby fat and therefore got picked over for parts. Our answer? Become a vegetarian … three days before Thanksgiving. That lasted about 30 seconds into Turkey Day.

We dodged a bullet way back then, health-wise, according to a new study from the Medical University of Graz in Austria. The research suggests that vegetarians have a poorer quality of life and aren’t as healthy as their carnivorous counterparts. It goes on to state that vegetarians frequent the doctor more than meat-eaters and are more prone to allergies, twice as likely to have a heart attack or be diagnosed with cancer and have a greater chance of having mental health problems.

We’re not trying to pile on the hate toward vegetarians. Dietary restrictions, especially those that are self-imposed can be very tough to abide by. That’s not even mentioning those who choose vegetarianism as a stance against the inhumane treatment of animals. Those people should be applauded for their efforts.

Our goal is to promote healthy eating, and sometimes vegetarianism is more harmful than helpful. To be the healthiest vegetarian you can be, make sure that you’re receiving information about your diet from reliable sources; you’re not piling on the junk food; your meals have an assortment of foods; you include meat-less proteins into your diet; and you understand that you’re still at risk for food-borne illnesses.

For those sticking to meat: Just make sure that you don’t go in the opposite direction, you bacon-loving carnivores. As we wrote last month, a diet packed with protein also has its downsides.