On summer vacay? Protect your home & valuables [Infographic]


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For some of us, summer means summer vacation — score! But a fun getaway can turn south if you return to a burglarized home.

Be proactive and give yourself some peace of mind during your travels with these tips from Allstate Insurance:

  • Stop mail and newspapers, or ask a neighbor to take them in every day that you’re away.

  • Put lights on timers.

  • Have your grass mowed.

  • Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway at night.

  • Only take necessary credit cards with you.

  • Keep your valuables, such as medicine and jewelry, in a carry-on.

  • Don't show off your jewelry, cameras, bags and other valuables while you’re on vacation.

  • Leave an itinerary with someone at home. Carry an extra passport photo in case you misplace or lose your passport.

  • Don't use your home address on luggage tags. Use your business card instead.


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