Surf champ fights to promote female athleticism, not sex, in advertising


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Three-time world longboarding champion Cori Schumacher hand-delivered a petition with more than 21,000 signatures to the marketing department of women’s surf brand Roxy on Sept. 12 asking it to promote healthy images of female surfers in their advertising, not sexuality.

Schumacher created the “Stop your ‘all sex, no surf’ ads!” petition on Change.org — which currently has 21, 978 signatures from people around the world — after seeing Roxy’s video promotion of its women’s surfing contest held in Biarritz, France. The suggestive video features one of the best female pro surfers in the world, Stephanie Gilmore. While you see her in the shower, in her bikini top, and a close shot of her ass on the surf board, you never actually see her face or how awesome she is as an athlete. See the video for yourself:


Schumacher’s petition describes Roxy’s choice of marketing as the following: “Instead of women surfers being presented as an alternative to the sexualization and objectification of women in the culture-at-large, this campaign succumbs to the lazy marketing that is already so prevalent.”

Along with Rice University professor Krista Comer, author of "Surfer Girls in the New World Order," Schumacher also handed Roxy execs a 45-page report that questions whether or not sex sells; looks into how athletes are perceived when they are sexualized; and emerging trends in marketing that are shifting away from sexualization. They call out the fact that women and men are equally represented in CrossFit. They get equal prize money at the CrossFit games and use a system that is not gender-oriented when gauging the fitness evolution of participants. Click here to see the report.

While Schumacher had a two-hour metting with execs, they refused to discuss the video and made no apology. However, Schumacher and Comer hope to set up another meeting once the marketing execs had the chance to read through their report.

Check out their recap video: