Survey: How homeowners are keeping it green


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With all the energy-saving tips, products and news saturating your Facebook feed, favorite sites and Twitter page, do you ever wonder: “How many of us are actually making eco-friendly changes?”

The good news: Many of you are using green strategies to lower your carbon footprint, according to the results of a Harris Poll by Harris Interactive of 2,056 adults surveyed online between Feb. 6 and 13.

So what are your fellow eco warriors doing?

That’s the good news. The bad? A large percentage of those surveyed are neglecting to take advantage of other eco-friendly approaches.

The survey found some regional differences as well. More than half of Southerners (55%) change their air filters monthly, compared with 27% of Easterners and 28% of Westerners. Three in five Westerners (59%) use low-wattage light bulbs compared with 48% of Easterners and, two in five of those living in the West (40%) have installed low-flow faucets compared with 25% of those in the East and 23% in the Midwest.

The sheer number of energy-saving tactics can get your head spinning. In an effort to help control energy usage, utilities are promoting smart meter technology, which records electric energy consumption around the home. Although just one in five Americans (21%) say they have been contacted by their utility company about this tool, almost half of Americans (48%) say they would likely install such a dashboard in their home to control energy use and lower costs. Three in 10 (31%) are neither likely nor unlikely to install this, and one in five (21%) are unlikely to do so, according to the survey.

But before you run out and install a smart meter in your home, there has been reported backlash to the technology, including privacy and health concerns.

For additional information, check out “Smart meters 101: Five things you need to know,” from the Las Vegas Sun, which claims to debunk some of the myths surrounding the technology.