Where to shop for sustainable seafood


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Shopping for sustainable seafood can be challenging, especially at the supermarket, where the choices can be overwhelming, and oftentimes little information is available. Fortunately for us and the oceans, many food retailers have made significant strides in improving conservation efforts and reducing the sale of unsustainable seafood.

Topping the list of Greenpeace’s latest report of supermarket sustainability were Safeway and Whole Foods. Achieving a score of 7.1 and 7, respectively, earning them Greenpeace’s first-ever green, “good” ratings, showing they have put extra effort into ensuring the sale of sustainable seafood.

Wegmans (6.6), Harris Teeter (6.5) and Target (6.4) were next in line and fell under the scorecard’s orange or “passing” ratings. These retailers were recognized for the strides they’ve taken toward improving their seafood policies, but much still needs to be done.

Among the retailers with red, or “failing” ratings were Meijer (4), Supervalu (3.1) and Publix (2.7). However, Greenpeace did point out that even though these retailers lagged behind, they deserve credit for trying to improve.

Overall, Greenpeace said the U.S. seafood retail industry has improved since 2008 when it first introduced its report. Still, with populations of the ocean’s apex predators (sharks, tuna, swordfish and similar animals) falling by 90% in recent years and unsustainable fishing practices still being used across the globe, much remains to be done.

You can do your part by supporting supermarkets regarded for their sustainable seafood policies. See where your favorite store ranks here.