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Being stressed out is not fun. You may feel mentally exhausted, which leads to a lack of motivation to do anything physical, let alone exercise...
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Despite what many Instagram sensations will tell you, you don’t have to spend seemingly countless hours in the gym to reach your goals.
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When it comes to weight loss, we get bombarded with a lot of BS: pills, quick fixes, fitness DVDs and podcasts, juice fasts… and the list gets longer...
If you need to step up the glamour before working up a sweat, try these sweat-proof finds and you won’t look like you’re melting in front of Sven.
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Indoor walking is a terrific option. You never have to worry about the weather, the cars or the looks from your neighbors. Here are five ways to get...
boxing gloves
Now check out how you can take some of the boxing moves you’ve learned in at the gym and apply them to a major workout at home!
Building up your biceps does more than make you look good in a t-shirt. By adding muscle to your biceps everyday life is a bit easier.
Couple running in the park during the fall
It's time to get back to the grind this fall, and to your running schedule. But before you hit the concrete, make sure your body is ready.
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Yoga and academia may seem like an odd pairing, but Loyola Marymount University seeks to challenge that notion with its MA in yoga studies.
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Brian Back knew it was time to make a change in late 2011. Instead of being drastic and putting pressure on himself, however, he made small...