Sweat-proof makeup products that actually work


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We’re not exactly for wearing makeup during a workout — it can clog your pores and produce breakouts — but we can understand why some women do it: During a race, those photographers like to catch us at our worst, and sometimes, there’s a guy who needs to be flirted with at the gym.

If you need to step up the glamour before working up a sweat, try these sweat-proof products and you won’t look like you’re melting in front of Sven.


Begin with a tinted lightweight and oil-free moisturizer like this one from Bobbi Brown, followed by a light-weight primer. Shiseido has a great one that offers UV protection — perfect for runners.



No one likes that burning sensation they get from their mascara running. Go waterproof all the way. We like the Amazonian Clay waterproof cream eyeshadow, followed by Stila stay-all-day waterproof liquid eyeliner. Top it off with BareMinerals Flawless Definition waterproof mascara.

Now for the grand finale: makeup setting sprays. This stuff is a lifesaver, whether you’re trying to look good at the gym or out on the town. Get a lightweight spray in either matte or glow finish from NYX for $8, or a 16-hour hold from Urban Decay for $29.



If you put lipstick on, it’s going to come right off, mess up your clothes and your towel. Skip the lipstick and apply a tinted lip balm. It’ll soothe and moisturize while you’re hard at work. You could even keep it handy while you’re on the elliptical (you know, in case he passes by).

Need a quick fix? Keep a pack of blotting papers in your bag. While they won’t save you from a profuse sweating outbreak, they will definitely absorb oil and keep shine at bay.

Sweaty hair not a good look for you? Try these tips to banish frizzy post-workout hair.